Stand alone smoke detector model GS-506

Stand alone smoke detector model GS-506

Obviously, having a fire alarm system ensures the safety of a building much more than stand alone smoke detectors. However, in buildings that do not have a fire alarm system and the installation of this system is subject to the collective will of all building units and its implementation is not desirable for everyone, in most cases such buildings will remain without any fire detector.

Is there a danger to us?

Today, most home furnishings are made of plastic and synthetic materials. According to research from the American UL Institute, complete hot flashes (flashover) have been reduced from 17 minutes to 3 minutes. At the time of the flashover, the chances of survival are very low. Lack of fire detector in homes, especially when everyone is asleep, causes people to notice the fire late and do not have enough time to leave the house.


what’s the solution?

The minimum option is to install a local fire alarm detector in homes that are not equipped with a fire alarm system. With this detector, you will have enough time to leave home.

Functional Features

  • Has a lithium battery with a lifespan of 10 years
    No need to replace the battery for the entire life of the detector.
  • UK LPCB approved
  • Has European standard EN14604
  • Approved by Tehran Fire Department for topical use
  •  85 dB alarm sound at a distance of 3 meters
  • Has a warning of low battery charge once every 30 seconds
  • Has a performance test keyLocal and independent operation without the need for a fire alarm panel
    Suitable for buildings without fire alarm system

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage Range 9-VDC
Battery life 10 years
Consumption in quiescent state 10μA
Consumption in alarm state <30 mA
sensitivity 0.10-0.16dB / m

Technical Documents