Micra25 aspirating smoke detector

Micra25 aspirating smoke detector

Laser smoke detector is used to detect fire quickly in the first moments and in sensitive and valuable places such as server rooms, clean rooms, control and monitoring centers, archiving important documents or places where the fire is growing fast. Relying on point detectors in these places can cause irreparable damage.

In these systems, the main panel sucks and samples the air inside the room 24 hours a day with its internal fan, and the pipes that are connected to it, and then it is analyzed by ultra-sensitive laser detectors. If smoke particles are detected. In the air of the room, the panel informs the relevant authorities

The laser technology embedded in this equipment is able to distinguish between smoke and annoying particles such as dust. This feature greatly reduces the number of false alarms and also enables real fire alarms as quickly as possible. A feature that makes this system suitable for very sensitive applications

Laser smoke suction detectors are about 100 times more sensitive than spot detectors, and these detectors can detect smoke before it can be seen by the human eye.

Kidde AirSense UK is one of the most well-known manufacturers of laser smoke suction detectors

The equipment of this company is supplied with the approval of the British laboratory

Functional Features

  • Maximum pipe length for environments with high air flow: 25 meters
  • Maximum allowable pipe length for environments with constant air flow: 50 meters
  • Laser Dust Discrimination The power of differentiation
  • Four alert levels AUX, Pre-Alarm, Fire1, Fire2
  • Has IP50 protection class
  • Approved by the UK LPCB Laboratory
  • Product of Kidde AirSense UK

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage Range 21.6V - 26.4V DC
Sensitivity range (%Obs/m) Min = 25% Max = 0.03% FSD
Maximum sensitivity resolution 0.003% obscuration per metre
Detection principle Laser light scattering mass detection and particle evaluation
Detection principle Laser light scattering mass detection and particle evaluation
Current consumption 250mA @ 24V DC
Maximum sampling pipe length 50m
Sampling pipe internal diameter 7.5-22mm
Data bus cable RS485 data cable
Size 135W x 175H x 80D

Technical Documents