Sarian System Novin Co. Introduction

This company has been established with the slogan “When it comes to fire protection, there is no margin for error” and with the aim of increasing safety level in the industry. So far it has been able to take great steps to achieve its goals by aid of its expert engineers.

Sarian System Novin Co. is in close collaboration with the United States National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and provides engineering services based on latest universal standards.

The engineer staffs of this company include experienced experts in mechanics and electronics fields and all fire and safety services of this company comply with the latest international fire standards.

Fire Alarm

Systems that warn fire or carbon monoxide leakage through audio and visual equipment

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Fire Extinguishing

Systems that can be activated by heat and smoke sensors and extinguish fire in buildings

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Co-gas detection

Detecting monoxide and methane gas

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Intruder Alarm

Systems that act to prevent unauthorized access to sites by warning others through audio and visual equipment

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Latest Products

Micra25 aspirating smoke detector micra-kidde-airsense-stratos-micra-25-aspirating-smoke

Micra25 aspirating smoke detector

Laser smoke detector is used to detect fire quickly in the first moments and in sensitive and valuable places such as se
بیم دتکتور TheFireBeam Xtra Thefirebeam

بیم دتکتور TheFireBeam Xtra

Linear smoke detectors are used to detect fires in places with high ceilings and large areas such as sheds, warehouses,
Stand alone smoke detector model GS-506 co-detector

Stand alone smoke detector model GS-506

Obviously, having a fire alarm system ensures the safety of a building much more than stand alone smoke detectors. Howev

Our Projects

National Organization for Civil Registration sabte-ahval-building

National Organization for Civil Registration

Proceedings 7 Buildings equipped with fire alarm systems Equipped with Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System Equippe

Softwares and Datasheets

MAG8P Manual – Farsi

MAG8P Manual – Farsi

The MAG8 control panel is a conventional 8 zone panel that has the EN54 standard of the EVPU lab and is a product of Bul
ProsTE Programming Software

ProsTE Programming Software

PROSTE is a software package for the development of fire alarm panels and theft telephony notification. This software pr


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